India Hosts Indo-Singapore Judicial Conference on AI in Law

April 14, 2024
India Hosts Indo-Singapore Judicial Conference on AI in Law
  • The Supreme Court of India, in collaboration with the Supreme Court of Singapore, is hosting a two-day conference on technology's role in the legal system, with an emphasis on Artificial Intelligence (AI).

  • Chief Justice DY Chandrachud highlighted AI's potential to transform legal research and the judiciary while acknowledging the need for ethical considerations in its deployment.

  • The conference addresses the challenges of AI integration into the judiciary, including potential errors, biases, and discrimination, as well as the importance of global cooperation in its use.

  • The CJI commended the Indo-Singapore Judicial Conference for initiating critical discussions on technology's potential to improve legal systems and promote access to justice.

  • The event marks a significant move towards incorporating technology in the judicial process, aiming to enhance efficiency and inclusivity in the legal framework.

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