Meta's Oversight Board Probes AI-Generated Explicit Content Issue

April 17, 2024
Meta's Oversight Board Probes AI-Generated Explicit Content Issue
  • Meta's Oversight Board is investigating the presence of sexually explicit AI-generated images on Facebook and Instagram, focusing on Meta's content detection and response systems.

  • The investigations are in response to specific incidents in the US and India, including an unaddressed Instagram report of AI-generated images of Indian women and the depiction of a public figure in a Facebook AI group.

  • Meta's initial response included a failure to remove reported explicit content and an automatic closure of the report ticket without review, but action was taken in the US case after media matching.

  • The Oversight Board is examining whether Meta's policies and actions are consistently protecting women globally and will consider public input before making recommendations.

  • The broader context of this review is the rise of deepfakes on social media, with countries like the US and the UK moving toward criminalizing the creation and distribution of harmful AI-generated content.

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