AI-Controlled F-16 Takes on Human Pilot in Historic Dogfight

April 21, 2024
AI-Controlled F-16 Takes on Human Pilot in Historic Dogfight
  • The US military successfully tested an AI-controlled F-16, named VISTA, in a dogfight against a human pilot.

  • The AI, using the X-62A algorithm, demonstrated advanced combat skills, including defensive maneuvers and air-to-air tactics.

  • VISTA's successful engagement with a piloted F-16 at high speeds marks a significant milestone for autonomous aerial combat technology.

  • The test supports DARPA's Air Combat Evolution program, which focuses on building human trust in AI for military applications.

  • The VISTA platform, a modified F-16, serves as a testbed for developing and refining AI capabilities in combat scenarios.

  • The Air Force plans to expand AI testing by adapting more F-16s for autonomy via the VENOM program.

  • Future ACE program goals include demonstrating cooperative dogfights between AI and human pilots, with an eye on enhancing but not fully replacing human roles.

  • A current obstacle is establishing a certification process for aircraft controlled by machine learning technologies.

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