AI's Dark Role: Lavender System's Kill Lists in Gaza Bombings

April 22, 2024
AI's Dark Role: Lavender System's Kill Lists in Gaza Bombings
  • Israeli online magazine +972 exposes AI systems like Lavender used in Gaza bombings, which score individuals for targeting based on digital data.

  • Lavender's scoring system is tied to cellphone and social media activity, leading to the creation of 'kill lists' for Israeli airstrikes.

  • AI system Where's Daddy? is implicated in calling airstrikes on targets and their families, with targeting in homes noted as a convenience for Israel.

  • Israeli intelligence officers interviewed confirm the use of these AI systems in military operations.

  • The Lavender AI system has links to historic U.S. military and CIA operations that supported right-wing regimes and utilized kill lists.

  • The CIA's historical use of technology in foreign interventions has had severe repercussions, including mass killings and disappearances.

  • The report highlights the continuity of American and Israeli military and intelligence tactics through the adoption of AI in warfare.

  • The author calls for the integration of human intelligence and sensibility to prevent civilian casualties in military campaigns involving AI.

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