Rising Tide of AI-Generated CSAM Overwhelms CyberTipline

April 23, 2024
Rising Tide of AI-Generated CSAM Overwhelms CyberTipline
  • The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children's CyberTipline has received 36.2 million reports of AI-generated child sexual abuse material in 2023.

  • The proliferation of realistic AI-generated CSAM and deepfaked nudes is overburdening the reporting system and complicating the identification of actual victims.

  • Efforts to clean AI training datasets of explicit content face challenges, with CSAM inadvertently incorporated into AI image generators' neural networks.

  • The widespread use of compromised datasets in AI research and development poses risks due to their open-source nature.

  • The EU Artificial Intelligence Act aims to ban AI applications that involve sensitive biometric categorization and identification systems.

  • There is a growing need for regulations and additional tools to filter AI-generated images and to control AI model development to prevent misuse.

  • Deepfakes and AI-enabled biometrics are of particular concern for disinformation campaigns and require responsible AI development with transparency and safeguards.

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