Google Axes Entire Python Team Amidst Broader Cost-Cutting Layoffs

May 2, 2024
Google Axes Entire Python Team Amidst Broader Cost-Cutting Layoffs
  • Google, part of Alphabet Inc., has announced significant layoffs impacting teams responsible for Flutter, Dart, and Python development.

  • The company's entire US-based Python development team has been laid off, with rumors indicating a strategy to replace them with less costly labor potentially in Munich.

  • Despite the layoffs, Google maintains a strong financial status, reporting a 60% profit increase in the first quarter.

  • Google's restructuring plans include a focus on expanding in locations such as Bengaluru, Mexico City, and Dublin.

  • Affected employees, including the Python team that was crucial for maintaining Google's Python ecosystem, are being offered the chance to apply for other positions within the company.

  • CEO Sundar Pichai has communicated that further cuts are expected throughout the year, as part of ongoing adjustments within the company.

  • The layoffs occur amidst a broader trend of job reductions in the tech industry, with other major companies like PayPal, Amazon, and Snap also announcing workforce downsizing.

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