Google Unveils Trillium: A Power-Efficient AI Powerhouse TPU

May 15, 2024
Google Unveils Trillium: A Power-Efficient AI Powerhouse TPU
  • Google's parent company Alphabet has announced the release of its sixth-generation tensor processing unit, Trillium.

  • Trillium offers a 4.7-fold increase in peak compute performance and has enhanced power efficiency, using 67% less power compared to its predecessor.

  • Key improvements include larger matrix multiple units, increased clock speed, a new SparseCore accelerator, and 32GB of high-bandwidth memory.

  • The TPU is designed to support larger AI models, more users simultaneously, and maintains efficiency in performance.

  • Early adopters of Trillium include Nuro, Deep Genomics, Deloitte, and Google's DeepMind for their AI model training and operations.

  • Trillium will be integrated with Google Cloud’s AI Hypercomputer project and is set to launch later this year, though pricing and public availability details remain undisclosed.

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