$3.6M in Grants to Tackle U.S. Cybersecurity Skills Gap

April 5, 2024
$3.6M in Grants to Tackle U.S. Cybersecurity Skills Gap
  • The NIST has granted $3.6 million to combat the US cybersecurity workforce shortage.

  • 18 organizations across 15 states will receive funding under the NICE-led initiative.

  • With 450,000 cybersecurity job vacancies in the US, there's a significant labor gap in the industry.

  • Funded projects aim to enhance cybersecurity education and workforce through RAMPS, aligned with the NICE Framework.

  • Activities include curriculum development, training, workshops, competitions, and hackathons to stimulate growth in the sector.

  • In a related move, NIST is spearheading the creation of an AI Safety Institute following an executive order on AI safety.

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