House Passes Controversial Surveillance Bill Amid Privacy Concerns

April 14, 2024
House Passes Controversial Surveillance Bill Amid Privacy Concerns
  • The US House of Representatives passed a bill with a 273-147 vote to extend federal agencies' surveillance powers, including the FBI.

  • The bill, introduced by Republican Mike Johnson, amends Section 702 of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, reducing the extension period from five years to two.

  • It permits the collection of communications from non-Americans abroad without a warrant, raising concerns among critics about the adequacy of the reforms.

  • A specific clause for warrantless surveillance of Americans was rejected due to insufficient support.

  • An amendment to ban warrantless surveillance of Americans narrowly failed, reflecting a split opinion on government surveillance.

  • The bill's shortened reauthorization period to two years was a concession to conservative Republicans, some of whom still believe the reforms fall short.

  • With the program's expiration looming on April 19, the Biden administration anticipates it will continue for at least another year, pending Senate approval.

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