Hackers Snatch Duo's MFA SMS Logs in Cisco Telephony Breach

April 17, 2024
Hackers Snatch Duo's MFA SMS Logs in Cisco Telephony Breach
  • On April 1, 2024, hackers gained unauthorized access to a telephony provider servicing Duo, a Cisco-owned security firm, leading to the theft of multi-factor authentication (MFA) SMS logs.

  • The breach was the result of compromised employee credentials, exposing logs from March 1-31, 2024, including phone numbers, carriers, and other SMS metadata, but not the content of the messages themselves.

  • Though message contents were not revealed, the data stolen could facilitate spear-phishing campaigns targeting Duo's customers.

  • Cisco has issued guidance to Managed Service Providers (MSPs) to alert affected individuals and to provide education on social engineering threats.

  • The incident highlights the larger implications of security breaches in identity and access management firms, affecting both the providers and their clients.

  • Customers have been warned to be on high alert for phishing attempts using the compromised information, following Cisco's own experience with a similar breach in 2022.

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