South Korean Defense Firms Hit by North Korean Cyber Espionage

April 24, 2024
South Korean Defense Firms Hit by North Korean Cyber Espionage
  • South Korea's National Police Agency has warned of North Korean hacker groups targeting the country's defense industry to steal technology.

  • Notorious North Korean hacker groups Lazarus, Andariel, and Kimsuky have successfully infiltrated several South Korean defense companies.

  • These hacking attempts have been described as 'an all-out war' and include network infiltrations, theft of account information, and email server exploits.

  • Investigations reveal these attacks use sophisticated techniques, prompting special inspections by the Police and Defense Acquisition Program Administration.

  • South Korean authorities are urging defense companies to bolster cybersecurity by implementing network security enhancements, regular password changes, and two-factor authentication.

  • Additional recommendations include blocking foreign IP addresses and strengthening overall cybersecurity practices to mitigate future attacks from North Korean hackers.

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DPRK hacking groups breach South Korean defense contractors

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