Cybersecurity Update: China Hacks VW, Global Threats Rise, and Tech Giants React

April 27, 2024
Cybersecurity Update: China Hacks VW, Global Threats Rise, and Tech Giants React
  • China accused of hacking Volkswagen to steal data, showcasing the persistent threat of state-sponsored cyber espionage.

  • German police shut down DDoS service, indicating ongoing enforcement efforts against cybercrime infrastructure.

  • The NSA updates its Commercial National Security Algorithm Suite, reflecting a push for strengthened cryptography in national security.

  • US State Department imposes visa restrictions on individuals tied to the commercial spyware industry, signaling increased diplomatic action against global cyber surveillance.

  • GAO report indicates progress in adhering to the 2021 cybersecurity executive order, suggesting improvements in government cyber defenses.

  • BeyondTrust reports over 1,200 vulnerabilities in Microsoft products in the past year, highlighting the tech giant's continued security challenges.

  • Analysis of XZ Utils backdooring operation by Kaspersky reveals the intricate tactics of cyber attackers.

  • Google delays third-party cookie deprecation, affecting privacy and advertising industry timelines.

  • Coalition's Cyber Claims Report shows a rise in email security incidents in cyberinsurance claims, pointing to the growing cost of cyber threats.

  • Mandiant's Google Cloud report warns of cyber threats to global elections, and Rubrik plans for IPO alongside Dragos' ransomware findings, indicating a dynamic and evolving cybersecurity industry.

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