Finnish Hacker 'Julius' Jailed for Major Psychotherapy Data Breach

May 2, 2024
Finnish Hacker 'Julius' Jailed for Major Psychotherapy Data Breach
  • Finnish hacker Aleksanteri Kivimäki, known as 'Julius', has been sentenced to over six years in prison for a major data breach.

  • Kivimäki was convicted of aggravated data breach, thousands of counts of aggravated blackmail, and disseminating private information.

  • He illegally accessed the Vastaamo psychotherapy center's database, impacting around 33,000 clients, and attempted to extort the center and its patients.

  • The hacker has a prior record of cybercrimes, including high-profile breaches involving the U.S. Air Force and Sony Online Entertainment.

  • His latest cyber attack significantly contributed to an increase in Finland's crime statistics and resulted in over 5,000 compensation claims.

  • The rise in healthcare data breaches globally is highlighted by the 40 million individuals affected in the US in 2021.

  • Kivimäki, who denied all charges, received a lesser sentence than the maximum sought by prosecutors and is expected to appeal.

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