Ransomware Paralyzes 140 U.S. Hospitals, Patient Care in Jeopardy

May 12, 2024
Ransomware Paralyzes 140 U.S. Hospitals, Patient Care in Jeopardy
  • On May 8, 2024, Ascension Health faced a ransomware attack affecting 140 hospitals across the U.S., severely disrupting healthcare operations.

  • Critical systems including electronic health records, patient communications, and phone services were compromised, leading to delays in patient care.

  • Emergency cases were diverted and elective surgeries cancelled, raising serious concerns about patient safety amid a shift to paper-based systems.

  • The extent of the disruption in Chicago remains uncertain, but hospitals in other states have reported significant operational challenges.

  • Ascension Health staff are experiencing frustration due to poor communication from management regarding the cyber-attack.

  • Ascension Health has enlisted a third-party cybersecurity expert to investigate and is striving to limit the impact on patient services.

  • The incident underscores the increasing cyber threats facing the healthcare industry and the potential risks to critical infrastructure.

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