Apple Thwarts $7B in Fraud, Blocks 1.7M Dubious Apps

May 16, 2024
Apple Thwarts $7B in Fraud, Blocks 1.7M Dubious Apps
  • Apple's antifraud technology has blocked over $7 billion in fraudulent transactions in the past four years, including $1.8 billion in 2023.

  • The company rejected 1.7 million app submissions for failing to meet privacy, security, and content standards, with 248,000 rejections for spam, copycats, or misleading content.

  • Apple's App Review team, comprising 500 experts, reviewed 6.9 million app submissions in 2023, resulting in the rejection of 1.7 million requests.

  • Despite stringent review processes, some fraudulent apps have slipped through, with two notable incidents of fake apps in Apple's repository this year.

  • Users are advised to take precautions such as downloading only from the App Store, reading reviews, selecting reputable developers, managing app permissions, updating devices, and removing unneeded apps.

  • Apple remains dedicated to app store security and integrity, even as it accommodates EU regulations on side-loading, and continues investing in AI and ML for app review and secure payment technologies.

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