10 MLB Stars Predicted to Hit Slump in 2024 Season

March 21, 2024
10 MLB Stars Predicted to Hit Slump in 2024 Season
  • A comprehensive analysis forecasts performance regression in 2024 for 10 MLB players based on advanced metrics.

  • Chicago Cubs' Cody Bellinger and Cleveland Guardians' Shane Bieber are among those expected to struggle due to declining metrics.

  • Atlanta Braves' Bryce Elder's poor second half of the 2023 season signals potential issues for the next year.

  • Washington Nationals' Josiah Gray, Colorado Rockies' Nolan Jones, and Minnesota Twins' Edouard Julien are also predicted to face declines.

  • Los Angeles Dodgers' Clayton Kershaw's performances may be hindered by health issues and deteriorating pitching indicators.

  • Detroit Tigers' Matt Manning, despite 2023 success, shows concerning underlying stats for future performance.

  • Isaac Paredes' and Geraldo Perdomo's standout seasons are not expected to be sustainable, based on expected stats.

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10 MLB Players Doomed for Major Regression in 2024

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