Rockies Secure Future with Tovar's $63.5M, 7-Year Deal

March 25, 2024
Rockies Secure Future with Tovar's $63.5M, 7-Year Deal
  • The Colorado Rockies have committed to shortstop Ezequiel Tovar with a seven-year contract worth $63.5 million, and an option for an eighth year.

  • At 22, Tovar made history as the youngest Opening Day starter for the Rockies and has established a reputation for his defensive prowess.

  • Despite an inconsistent offensive record in 2023, Tovar excelled on defense, nearly winning a Gold Glove and ranking in the top 1% of fielders for outs above average.

  • The Rockies are also contemplating a long-term deal for Nolan Jones, another rookie who contributed significantly with a 4.3 wins above replacement last season.

  • These potential deals follow a challenging season where the Rockies finished with a franchise-worst record of 59-103.

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