MLB 2024 Trade Frenzy: Key Players and Teams to Watch

May 15, 2024
MLB 2024 Trade Frenzy: Key Players and Teams to Watch
  • With the 2024 MLB trade deadline nearing, anticipation builds around potential player trades and team strategies.

  • A notable surplus of first basemen sets the stage for potential trades in that position.

  • Defending champions could enhance their roster strength as injured players return, mimicking a 'buying' strategy without actual trades.

  • Speculation around a 'Blake Snell Sweepstakes 2.0' suggests a high-profile pitching trade may be in the offing.

  • The Chicago White Sox and San Diego Padres are tipped to be particularly active, with the Padres poised to be aggressive in their acquisitions.

  • Conversely, the Miami Marlins may remain quiet due to the prohibitive costs of moving their trade pieces.

  • Alex Bregman of the Houston Astros is a player to watch; a trade to an NL Central contender could be contingent on his performance improvement.

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