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What your Triangle startup must do to win VC investments in 2024

2024 Startups Advised to Prioritize Real Numbers Over Capital Raising

  • Investors are advising startups in 2024 to focus on achieving real numbers and not to raise capital unless necessary.

  • Lister Delgado of Idea Fund Partners suggests startups to not depend on external funding for survival.

  • Startups are advised to focus on developing a great product and acquiring paying customers instead of viewing funding rounds as a sign of success.

  • Authenticity in pitches is emphasized and startups should be selective in pitching to investors that align with their stage, domain, and geographic area.

  • Competition for capital in 2024 is expected to be high, with potential down rounds for some startups that previously raised at higher valuations.

  • More in-person meetings and potential adjustments in valuations are anticipated by investors.

  • 2024 is projected to be a challenging year for startups.

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