Global Darcula Phishing Scam Targets Phones in 100+ Countries

March 28, 2024
Global Darcula Phishing Scam Targets Phones in 100+ Countries
  • Oshri Kalfon, an Israeli researcher, uncovered Darcula, a leading phishing-as-a-service platform.

  • Darcula has created 20,000 phishing domains and operates in over 100 countries, targeting both Android and iPhone users.

  • The service offers more than 200 templates to mimic legitimate brands and employs advanced technologies for updates.

  • Unlike traditional phishing schemes, Darcula uses RCS and iMessage, complicating efforts to intercept and block phishing messages.

  • Despite its widespread operation, Darcula encounters restrictions from tech giants like Apple and Google.

  • An average of 120 new Darcula phishing domains have been detected daily by Netcraft since the beginning of 2024.

  • The platform mainly focuses on postal services and targets Chinese-language speaking cybercriminals.

  • Consumers are urged to be cautious of unexpected messages with URLs and to watch for errors or suspiciously enticing offers to avoid Darcula scams.

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