Pentagon Unveils New Cybersecurity Strategy for Defense Contractors

March 30, 2024
Pentagon Unveils New Cybersecurity Strategy for Defense Contractors
  • The US Department of Defense has released a cybersecurity strategy targeting the defense industrial base (DIB) for fiscal years 2024-2027.

  • The strategy is designed to bolster cyber defenses among defense contractors and their smaller subcontractors against escalating threats.

  • Key elements include centralizing cybersecurity services funded by taxpayers, standardizing regulations for data protection and incident reporting, and offering cloud services to aid smaller subcontractors.

  • Expansion of the voluntary DIB Cybersecurity Program is planned to encourage greater company participation.

  • Deputy Secretary of Defense Kathleen Hicks highlighted the necessity of robust cybersecurity measures and partnership with DIB entities to combat the dynamic nature of cyber threats.

  • The Pentagon is testing a cloud-based workspace for small defense industry businesses, intending to scale the initiative.

  • The Defense Department's Cyber Crime Center aims to extend its cybersecurity support, currently serving 1,500 companies, to a larger fraction of the 200,000 firms contracting with the DOD.

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