Biden's $39 Billion Bet on U.S. Chip Manufacturing Revival

April 9, 2024
Biden's $39 Billion Bet on U.S. Chip Manufacturing Revival
  • The Biden administration is allocating $39 billion to revitalize semiconductor manufacturing in the U.S. as part of the CHIPS and Science Act.

  • Current U.S. global market share in chip manufacturing has declined to 12%, triggering initiatives to enhance domestic production capacity.

  • High costs and competitive challenges hinder U.S. chipmakers from building new facilities, exemplified by Onsemi's deliberation over expansion locations.

  • The complexity of semiconductor supply chains, illustrated by Onsemi's silicon carbide chip production, underscores the impracticality of complete U.S. self-sufficiency in chip making.

  • Efforts are underway to build semiconductor facilities in Phoenix and to increase U.S. production to 20% of global leading-edge chips by 2030.

  • Intel has received the largest funding grant to date, up to $8.5 billion, and pledges a $100 billion investment in chip facilities over five years.

  • The Department of Commerce is set to announce further funding for additional chipmakers, including Samsung and Micron Technology, as part of the strategy to boost U.S. manufacturing.

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