SK Hynix Sells Out 2024 High-End Chip Production Amid AI Boom

May 5, 2024
SK Hynix Sells Out 2024 High-End Chip Production Amid AI Boom
  • SK Hynix has pre-sold its entire 2024 high-end memory chip production, with a significant portion of its 2025 output already allocated.

  • The company has a commanding presence in the high-bandwidth memory (HBM) market, which is in high demand by AI hardware manufacturers like Nvidia.

  • AI hardware components are projected to constitute 61 percent of SK Hynix's chip production by next year, a dramatic increase from 5 percent in 2023.

  • SK Hynix is set to begin mass production of fifth-generation HBM chips in Q3, following a partnership with TSMC.

  • Initial production of the new 12-stack HBM3E chips for Nvidia will commence with samples this month, escalating to full-scale production in Q3.

  • The company is investing KRW50 trillion in expanding local production and establishing a new packaging plant in the US.

  • SK Hynix maintains a strong position in the Chinese market, especially within the mobile and PC sectors.

  • Micron Technology, also a supplier to Nvidia, has sold out its 2024 HBM supply and has allocated much of its 2025 production.

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