Apple 'Let Loose' Event Unveils Radical iPad Refresh Amid Ad Controversy

May 10, 2024
Apple 'Let Loose' Event Unveils Radical iPad Refresh Amid Ad Controversy
  • Apple has introduced a new iPad lineup at the 'Let Loose' event on May 7, 2024, featuring the iPad Air with an M2 chip, a 13-inch display, and the iPad Pro with a Tandem OLED display and M4 chip.

  • The iPad Pro advertisement 'Crush' has faced criticism for its portrayal of destroying creative tools, sparking a particularly strong backlash in Japan amid concerns over technology's impact on creativity and jobs.

  • The company has reduced the price of the 10th generation iPad to Rs 34,900 and discontinued the 9th generation, with the M4 chip enhancing CPU and GPU performance in the new iPad Pro models.

  • The iPad Air is now a closer match to the iPad Pro in performance, presenting a better value for most users, while the Pro model targets professionals with its advanced features like larger RAM, Thunderbolt, and OLED for HDR.

  • Pre-orders for the new iPads are open, with additional accessories like the Apple Pencil Pro, featuring innovative controls and Find My app support, and a redesigned Magic Keyboard with a trackpad and backlit keys.

  • Apple has also debuted its first iPads with OLED displays and the M4 chip, which promises a 50% boost in CPU performance over previous models, along with a new Apple Pencil Pro and an upgraded Magic Keyboard.

  • The latest iPads are available for pre-order with the starting price of the 10th-Gen iPad cut to $349, and the 9th-Gen at $249, while previous-generation iPad Air and iPad mini models are currently available at discounted prices.

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