Senate Unveils $32 Billion AI Roadmap to Propel U.S. Innovation

May 16, 2024
Senate Unveils $32 Billion AI Roadmap to Propel U.S. Innovation
  • On May 15, 2024, a 33-page AI roadmap was released by the Senate AI Working Group, chaired by Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, proposing $32 billion in federal funding for non-military AI research and development.

  • The bipartisan report aims to secure cooperation from the Republican-controlled House to pass AI legislation ahead of the presidential election, focusing on regulating AI to combat issues like deep fakes and election disinformation.

  • The proposal emphasizes increased AI innovation funding, enforcement of existing AI laws, and addressing AI's impact on the U.S. workforce, particularly in healthcare and other non-defense sectors.

  • Policy priorities outlined in the report cover eight areas: innovation, workforce, elections, privacy, transparency, explainability, intellectual property, and AI risk prevention.

  • Despite the roadmap being the most comprehensive bipartisan recommendation by the legislative branch, critics express concerns over the insufficient rigor in governing AI systems.

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