Oakland Proposes $97M Deal to Keep A's Amid Vegas Move Plans

April 1, 2024
Oakland Proposes $97M Deal to Keep A's Amid Vegas Move Plans
  • Oakland offers the Athletics a five-year lease extension with a three-year opt-out and a $97 million fee.

  • The A's are exploring relocation to Las Vegas, requiring a temporary home until their new stadium is ready, potentially by 2028.

  • The proposed lease would provide a home for the A's at least until 2024, with flexibility due to construction or negotiation uncertainties in Las Vegas.

  • Oakland has removed demands to retain the team's name and colors, while the A's evaluate alternative interim locations including Sacramento and Salt Lake City.

  • MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred is pressing for a resolution on the A's interim plans by early summer.

  • The city aims to keep the Athletics in Oakland, highlighting benefits for fans and the team, despite challenges like low game attendance and Coliseum conditions.

  • The Athletics' relocation could impact local TV revenue and game attendance, factors being considered in their decision-making process.

  • A meeting between the team and city officials is scheduled for Tuesday to discuss the lease and relocation plans.

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