ShadowRay Exploit Endangers AI Data; Firms Face Billion-Dollar Risks

March 28, 2024
ShadowRay Exploit Endangers AI Data; Firms Face Billion-Dollar Risks
  • A critical vulnerability named ShadowRay was discovered in the Ray AI framework, identified as CVE-2023-48022.

  • The ShadowRay flaw lets attackers issue system commands through Ray's job submission API, potentially accessing all nodes in a cluster and retrieving sensitive credentials.

  • Anyscale, the Ray framework's maintainer, has patched four out of six identified vulnerabilities but downplays the severity of the remote code execution (RCE) issue.

  • Cybersecurity group Oligo warns that the RCE vulnerability is being actively exploited, posing a threat to AI workloads and company data across multiple high-profile firms.

  • Financial damages from the exploitation of this vulnerability over a seven-month period could amount to an estimated $1 billion.

  • Compromised systems have leaked access to Kubernetes API and Slack tokens, increasing the risk of further security breaches.

  • Oligo suspects a sophisticated hacking group is behind the ShadowRay campaign and urges organizations to enhance security measures beyond relying on framework updates.

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