Germany Blames Russian GRU for Cyberattack Amid Heightened Tensions

May 5, 2024
Germany Blames Russian GRU for Cyberattack Amid Heightened Tensions
  • Germany's Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock has publicly blamed Russia's GRU for a cyberattack on the country's Social Democrats, calling the act 'absolutely intolerable' and promising consequences.

  • The cyberattack has further strained relations between Germany and Russia, already tense due to Germany's support of Ukraine amid the ongoing conflict.

  • During her trip to Australia, New Zealand, and Fiji, Baerbock is focusing on security policy, including deepening defense ties with Australia and addressing the Gaza conflict with a push for a two-state solution.

  • The EU and NATO have condemned the Russian-controlled APT28 for its cyber campaign, which has also targeted institutions in Czechia and is accused by Britain of undermining democracy.

  • The U.S. State Department has criticized APT28's disruptive cyber activities and supports maintaining a rules-based international order in cyberspace, while a law enforcement action has disrupted a botnet used by APT28.

  • Joint government fact sheets have been released to assist in protecting critical infrastructure from pro-Russia hacktivist attacks that have been ongoing since 2022.

  • Raiffeisen Bank plans to withdraw from Russia by summer 2024 amid increased pressure due to Russia's intensified military actions, with the European Council and NATO condemning these actions as violations of UN norms.

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